How it Works

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Post a Project

It's always free to post your project. After posting a project you'll receive bids from our freelancers automatically. Alternatively, you can also send a direct invitation to the freelancer free of cost.

Start Receiving Bids

As soon as you post your project on our website you start receiving bids from the skilled professionals then just contact them, discuss and hire the appropriate professional for your job.

Pay to the Professionals/Freelancer

When you are satisfied with the job then you make a payment directly to the freelancer, here its upto you whether to pay some advance or pay the complete amount after the job completion.


Find the best suitable Job for you

This is the best platform for freelancers/professionals to work from home or your remote destination. Just find the suitable job for you and then place a bid, once you are awarded with the job then start working. Whether you are an agency or an individual its completely free for you, we don't charge any membership fees at all so make the best use of it. Here on our website Freelancers/Professionals don't have to pay any membership fees as its completely free.

Complete the Job on Time

Whenever you are warded with the project then contact the employer if needed to discuss in detail and complete the project on time. This will gain trust and next time the employer/client can directly send you a job invitation.